Quality Assurance Policy

Promotion of a culture of quality and development of institutional mechanisms and procedures is carried out in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in European Area of Higher Education in order to ensure quality. The quality assurance system includes systematic evaluation and continuous promotion of high standards of professional and vocational development, of various stakeholders in all areas of the Faculty's activity.

The fundamental principles of quality assurance at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are:
- Continuous improvement and modernization of study programmes based on monitoring the relevant scientific knowledge, and economic and social needs, along with continuous monitoring and improvement of the quality of teaching.
- Improving the quality and quantity of scientific and research work.
- Ensuring ethics, transparency, and impartiality of work by adopting and applying normative acts and documents on the quality management system.
- Quality assurance is responsibility of all departments and other organizational units and individuals, and implies active engagement of students.
- Encouraging and maintaining cooperation with external stakeholders.
- Creating an encouraging environment and an adequate support for work through continuous monitoring of quality indicators of various forms of work and satisfaction of all stakeholders and, based on them, periodically revising the quality policy and strategy of the Faculty.

Quality Assurance Committee

The main goal of the quality improvement system is the building of institutional mechanism for benchmarking and coordination of initiatives and development programmes with enduring/permanent purpose to promote high standards in professional development of stakeholders in all areas of the FHSS activities.

The main unit of the quality insurance system at the FHSS is the Quality Assurance Committee consisting of 8 members:

  1. Irena Vodopija-KrstanovićPhD, Associate Professor, representative of the Faculty management
  2. Sanja Smojver-Ažić, PhD, Associate Professor, teaching staff representative
  3. Vesna Kovač, PhD, Professor, teaching staff representative
  4. Maja Ćutić GorupPhD, Assistant Professor, teaching staff representative
  5. Nena Vukelić, Assistant, teaching staff representative
  6. Patricija Baf,  administration representative
  7. Renata Hasel, student representative
  8. Ivana Blašković, student representative
  9. Jane Sclaunich, external users representative

contact: kvalitetaffri@uniri.hr

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