Department of Polytechnics

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Head of the Department: doc. dr. sc. Lidija Runko Luttenberger, E-mail:

Secretary: Fedora Vranić, Telephone:  051/265-723, E-mail:

About the Department

Department of Polytechnics emerged from the Higher Vocational School of Pedagogy (forerunner of today's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka), which was founded in 1953, and offered teacher education programmes for teaching specialist, theoretical and practical subjects in vocational schools. Atwo-year specialist study of practical training was offered by the Metallurgical and Electrical Department, which eventually evolved into today's Department of Polytechnics.

During the educational reforms in Croatia, there has been a reorganisation of the study programme offered by the Department. The two-year specialist study was first reorganised as a single major, and then developed into a four-year double-major study programme in Physics and Polytechnics.

As part of the higher education reform in Croatia, following the latest international trends, the Department of Polytechnics proposed the launchingof undergraduate study programme in Polytechnics and a graduate study programme in Polytechnics and Computer Science.

These were among the first study programmes at the University of Rijeka to receive positive reviews from both domestic and foreign reviewers, which confirmed their quality and compatibility with European educational standards.


Marko Dunđer 051/265-724 F-137

Assistant Professors
Lidija Runko Luttenberger
Tomislav Senčić

Senior Lecturers
Gordan Đurović 051/265-606 F-135

Professional Associates
Damir Purković 051/265-786 F-136

Goran Salopek
Vedran Medica Viola

Study programmes

Undergraduate study programme: Polytechnics (single major)

Graduate study programme: Polytechnics and Computer Science (combined major – set combination – teaching track)

Part-time study programme: Part-time graduate study programme in Polytechnics and Computer Science